Arts & Entertainment District

Maryland Arts & Entertainment District - Grantsville, MD

We join over 20 other communities around Maryland in celebrating the arts and culture that we have to share. Our A&E District begins at River Road in Grantsville and encompasses our crowning jewel, the Spruce Forest Artisan Village. It covers both sides of the Historic National Road, thins out past the Casselman River Bridge State Park, and expands again at First Street to include both sides of Main Street up to Hershberger Lane. 

So what does this mean for our community? Well not only are we a community who is committed to preserving the rich culture that we already have, but we're looking to expand and enhance! The Town of Grantsville has several properties encompassed in the district perfect for artists' residents, studios, performance venues and much more!

With the available properties come many advantages. Someone committed to enhancing our community according to the Arts & Entertainment guidelines is privy to all sorts of tax breaks and assistance. Not only that, but any art created and sold (not just in our district, but in any district), is income tax exempt!

We would love to help you find your place in the Grantsville Arts & Entertainment District! The properties below are all located within the A&E District and are eligible for artist and property owner incentives. Please visit this link  for available listings. Listings include both residential and commercial properties.

Interested in learning more, our team would be happy to give you more information! Simply drop us an email